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4 í 1 USB hleðslusnúra
4 í 1 USB hleðslusnúra

4 í 1 USB hleðslusnúra

USB með fjórum tengjum

Vnr. 282356 USB hleðslusnúra með fjórum tengjum. Micro USB, tveimur USB-C og lightning I-Phone tengi á einni snúru.

Vörunúmer: 282356
Verðmeð VSK
2.460 kr.
52 Í boði

Nánari upplýsingar

4-in-1 nylon braid cable

Baseus Rapid CA1T4-B01 1.2m

  • wide compatibility and charging of up to 4 devices at a time
  • 2x USB-C / Type-C, 1x Lightning, 1x micro USB
  • fast charging of devices with high current - up to 3.5A (5V)

The high-quality cable allows you to quickly and effortlessly charge four devices simultaneously - two with USB-C connectors and one each with Lightning and micro USB connectors. Each cable has a different color, making them easy to distinguish. The cable supports charging up to 3.5 A (max. 2 A per cable) and is universal thanks to its wide compatibility.

The nylon braid provides greater bending and twisting strength and does not tangle.
Premium cable - reinforced tips.
Fast charging of devices with high current - up to 3.5A.


Fast and safe charging
The Baseus cable is designed to provide your device with maximum charging speed.

Durability and reliability
The nylon braided cable is definitely more resistant to mechanical damage. It has a higher bending and twisting strength and does not tangly.

Enhanced linking
The most sensitive point of any cable - connecting the cable to the plug, has been further strengthened to prevent cracking. A small change that extends the life of the entire accessory.

Wide compatibility
The cable can be used with many devices with USB-C / Type-C interface (e.g. Huwei, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc.), Lightning (Apple-branded devices), micro USB (e.g. OPPO, Meizu, Lenovo, One Plus, Xiaomi, Huwei).

  • Manufacturer: Baseus, New
  • Manufacturer's code: CA1T4-B01
  • Type of plug: USB up to 2x USB-C + Lightning + microUSB
  • Length: 1.2 m (90 cm for branching + 30 cm for plug)
  • Output current: 5V to 3.5A
  • Material: aluminum + TPE tips, high density nylon braid cable
  • Features: loading (no data transfer!)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Cable in the original packaging of the manufacturer