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everActive LR20 Pro Alkaline
everActive LR20 Pro Alkaline

everActive LR20/D Pro Alkaline

Alkaline rafhlöður 1.5V

107118 everActive LR20/D 1.5V Pro Alkaline rafhlaða, 2 stk. á spjaldi.

Vörunúmer: 107118
Verðmeð VSK
794 kr.
100 Í boði

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Alkaline batteries everActive Pro Alkaline LR20 D - blister card - 2 pieces


  • High performance and reliability;
  • Improved Pro Alkaline series - ideal for industrial and professional applications;
  • Maximum capacity uo to 17500 mAh (discharge with low resistance);
  • Excellent shelf life and leakage resistance - 10 years from the date of manufacture;
  • Available in consumer blisters - pack of 2 batteries.