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CR-V9 GP 800 mAH litíum rafhlaða
CR-V9 GP 800 mAH litíum rafhlaða

CR-V9 GP 9V 800mAh Lithium rafhlaða


CR-V9 GP 9V 800mAh Lithium rafhlaða.

Vörunúmer: 120260
Verðmeð VSK
3.174 kr.
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Nánari upplýsingar

GP Lithium 9V batteries with excellent durability are ideal for important home appliances such as smoke detectors, which operate at 65% longer than standard alkaline batteries. A smoke detector powered by alternating current of up to 10 years remains active for the entire decade if used with a spare battery. This is twice as long as the alkaline battery.

Professional users of the Audiowizanego equipment, such as wireless microphones, with Energizer Lithium 9V batteries can be 5 times longer than standard 9V alkaline batteries.

Description: Lithium battery

voltage [V]: 9

Packaging: Blister 1 pc

Other Indications: L522/9V/9B/E-Block

Size: 9v

height [mm]: 48.0mm

length [mm]: 26.0 mm

width [mm]: 16.5 mm

capacitance [mAh]: 800

weight [G]: 34 m

The technical data of the product is available here