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TC31US eXtreme hleðslukló USBx2
TC31US eXtreme hleðslukló USBx2

TC31U2 eXtreme hleðslukló USBx2

TC31U2 eXtreme hleðslukló USBx2

Hraðhleðslukló. Með 2 USB innstungum alls 3100mA. 
Hleður síma, MP3/MP4 spilara, PDA og önnur USB tæki.
Út: 5V/+- (5%), alls út 3100mA.
Orka: 110-240V AC.


Vörunúmer: 282250
Verðmeð VSK
2.227 kr.
5 Í boði

Nánari upplýsingar

USB network Charger with two sockets with a total power of 3100 mA. It allows you to charge your phone, navigation, MP3/MP4 players, PDA and other USB-loaded devices-just hook up the original USB cable from your device.

Technical data:
• Power supply: 110-240V AC
• DCP/Speed charge compliance: Yes
• Output voltage: DC 5.0 V +-(5%)
• Maximum output current: 3100mA

The charger is compatible with the charging standard for DCP (dedicated charging port-port), collotically called "Speed Charge", "Fast charge". DCP-compliant power supplies have compact pins that are normally used to transmit data. This procedure is needed so that new smartphones can detect the compatibility of the charger with the above mentioned standard and be charged with the optimum current. Chargers without DCP will charge most smartphones, but they will do much slower. By purchasing our chargers, you can be confident that your devices will always be charged on time!