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Mactronic JOGG LED
Mactronic JOGG LED

Mactronic - JOGG - LED

Ljósatími: Stöðugt 40 klst.-Hratt blikk 40 klst.-Hægt blikk 40 klst.
Þyngd: 50g
Stærð: 196 x 35 x 14 mm
Rafhlaða: 2 x CR2032
Ljósagerð: 2 rautt LED - Lýsir 50 m
Vörunúmer: 300390
Verðmeð VSK
1.213 kr.
95 Í boði

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Strapo is an arm band with a LED and a reflexive patch.

When switched on, the strap's hidden LED lights up in red an illuminates the entire circumference of the band, rather than a single point. The band has a Velcro so it's easily adjusted and can be worn on an arm or a leg. The strap is long enough to wear it on outer garments, like a jacket. The band also has a reflexive patch, making you even safer in the road.

The transparent, silicone band is great for anyone who wants to feel safer after sunset. The product is especially recommended for joggers and bikers.
Mactronic  JOGG LED